Why You Purchase a Vango Icarus 500 Tent

Are you looking for the existing tent in your trip? Then you must read this article. In this article, you will find the best family tent you have ever heard about in your camping. I hope you will love this kind of tent in the market for your camping and mountaineering.you need other camping gear likes tent,stove,ropes, sleeping bags etc so you must purchase all thing on the travel gears and enjoy your camping.

best Vango Icarus family Tent

Why purchase the Vango Icarus 500 Tent?

It is a real question that why aprotours have to buy this kind of tent for you. I have discussed some reason to have this tent. It is a new model in 2013 and you will love this type of shelter.

Some Reasons Why You Require This Tent:

12-minute assemble

This tent is so easy to install. The brands are comparing and can quote to an hour for parallel size tents. The only thing earlier on the market can have Air Beam – and that’s only faster because it’s hot-air balloon. The color code fixings and pre-attach guy lines make this a trouble-free tent to put up. People often make mistakes when they go for the camping so make sure to avoid such mistakes to experience the fruitful camping.

Large sparkler plain PVC windows for maximum light and great visibility

It doesn’t sound like much, but when you look through around for a set on fire just before nightfall, you’ll be happy with the additional window panels that have added to the sides. And when you wish for some quiet time you can employ the newly added solitude curtains.

Bigger Space

This tent is one of the roomiest five men tents on the market. The earlier model makes, the wider and the new model keeps the same size. Take away the room partition and you obtain an open living space is 335cm x 245cm. The abundance of the chamber is for people and the rest of your camping apparatus.


It is very light in weight and easy to carry in the trip just like the Eureka! assault outfitter 4 tent. For those in weekends where a smaller, lightweight tent requires the Icarus 500 is the fairly clearly the best value for money. You can pack it in a small travel luggage.

The finishing touch

For the last reason I am going to assemble few things. It’s the little things that create this tent beautifully. The reflective webbing by peg points for just locates in the gloomy, the rain trench zip covers that redirect rain away and the suitable lamp hanging point. Also, you can check out the 8 person tent reviews as well that will allow you to pick the best suitable tent for your camping. These are just little things that build this tent great.

Conclusion: – The Icarus 500 present for some years and natives keep near-term back for more. The 2013 model certainly has a lot of perfection to from the previous year and no hesitation the manufacturer at Vango is well on their way to make the further better 2014 model.

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