How To Choose The Best Backpack For Your Next Camping Trip

Choosing the best backpack for your camping trip can be daunting because of the vast number of options on the market.  Additionally, the backpack that your friend uses may not be the best one for you.  Fortunately, there are certain factors that you can consider which will help you choose the best backpack for your trip.

Getting The Right Volume

When you look at backpacks, you will notice that they come in different volumes.  When you choose a backpack, it is vital that you choose the right size so you do not carry too much or too little.  You do not want to be on the second day of an extended hike and find that you did not have space for everything that you need.

To determine the volume you need, you should consider how long your camping trip will be.  Backpacks with a volume of 15 to 30 liters are ideal for day hikes.  For overnight camping trips, you need to look at 30 to 50 liters.  For a weekend camping trip, you should consider a 45 to 55-liter backpack.  Backpacks or 55 liters and more should only be looked at for extended camping trips of more than 3 days.



Fitting The Backpack

When choosing a camping backpack, you need to fit it correctly on your back.  If you do not do so, you will be uncomfortable as you carry the backpack around.  To determine the best fit, you will need to determine your torso size.  To do this, you will need to measure the distance from the C7 vertebra to the iliac crest in your hips.

For the backpack to fit correctly, the distance from the shoulder strap to the hip belt will need to accommodate your torso measurement.  It is important to keep in mind that height and torso length do not have anything in common.  It is possible for a short person to have the same torso length as a tall person.

Having The Right Suspension

Ensuring that you have the right volume and size backpack is important, but you also need to consider the suspension.  When it comes to backpacks, the suspension will generally be the hip belt.  You do not want to have a flimsy hip belt for your 40-liter backpack because all of the weight will start to rest on the shoulders.

The suspension will help to evenly distribute the weight of the backpack.  When you carry a heavy load, you will need to place the majority of the weight on the hip belt and not the shoulders.  To ensure that this happens, you will need to look for a heavily padded and rigid hip belt that will snugly wrap around the hips.  If you are going to be climbing a lot during your camping trip, you might want to consider a lighter load and a lighter hip belt which offers you more freedom of movement.

There are many factors that you need to consider when you look for the best backpack for your camping trip.  If you are unsure, it is recommended that you visit an outdoor equipment store like The Online Luggage Shop UK where the staff will be able to help you choose the right backpack.

Tips to Consider the Durability and Style of Travel Luggage

With more money spent on travel luggage bags, it seems that you are looking for something extra special and that’s why you are here. It is true that your destination and style of travel defines the person you are. A quality luggage bag is the only accessory that defines your personality when you travel. A lot of homework is needed in order to pick the right luggage that gives you durability and comfort without compromising your style.In this article, you will find some tips on choosing the best suitcases, bags & Carry On luggage of 2017 for your journey.

Tips to Consider the Durability and Style of Travel Luggage:

1. Understand the occasion of your travel:

It may sound easy but, many people often fail to choose the right bag for the right occasion. A lot of people often go by looks and fail to enjoy the durability. It’s furthermore embarrassing to face this situation of wear and tear with people around. Also these bags can be easily carry your lots of stuff including shoes, accessories, and even Consider the features of your travel bag as per the reason for your travel. Business travel does not need much luggage, whereas if you are traveling to attend a wedding of a close friend, then you may need a bigger and durable bag.

2. Confirm the after sale service:

It is one of the essential features to know when you buy a branded bag. Check for warranty, guarantee, and after sales service of the brand, you are planning to buy the luggage bag from. It will guide you to become more confident in your buying decision.

3. Choose the design of the bag:

To share a fact with you, durable bags do not bend much. They are not very flexible and won’t break or crack. You need to choose a fabric that looks tough but, don’t go for something that is hard. Hard suitcases or bags are easy to crack and they leave little flexibility to accommodate things.

4. Check the attachments of your luggage:

One of the major concerns that many tourists face with their luggage bag is the wheels that break. Check all the attachments of your luggage such as the wheels, zipper, pliers, and handle to ensure the durability of the bag.

5 Find the brand credibility:

Every brand shares some credibility in the market for its sold products; it could be good or bad based on experiences.Find out the ratings and score given to the respective brand before making a final decision. A company that enjoys good credibility can be trusted in its services and products.

6. Find out the manufacturer:

Good made in the USA, France share a feel good story; however, that must not convince you to conclude on the durability.Find out some of the excellent manufacturers who have proven to sell exceptionally good products in the market.
Hope you are all set to go with your stylish, durable, and efficient luggage bag. For any further queries and concerns, visit your nearest luggage dealer and consult him on your requirements. Make use of the web to browse through some trendier luggage bags.

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